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Welcome to G.T.S.

GTS is a Quebec-based construction company specializing in complex civil engineering infrastructure and buildings. The company offers expertise in a wide range of civil engineering, industrial and institutional projects for both public and private sector clients. Projects include bridges, tunnels, concrete roadways, commercial, and institutional buildings, and mining, railway, airport and other specialized infrastructure. Founded in 1996, GTS ranks today amongst the foremost construction companies in Quebec. Its nearly 500 employees work together at achieving the company’s goals.


Our mission

GTS’s mission as a construction contractor is to carry out civil engineering and building projects for public and private sector clients while striving for excellence in project execution and developing novel solutions consistent with the sustainable development principles which are central to our activities, in order to meet our clients’ expectations and be a responsible corporate citizen.

Our team


Jocelyn Hébert Vice President and Chief Executive Officer
France Bouchard Vice-President, Administration
Denis Alain, Eng. Manager, Buildings
Benoît Allard Manager, Construction
Sylvie Bousquet Manager, Human Resources and Administration
Patrice Cormier, Eng. Manager, Projects
Suzanne Courchesne Manager, Health and Safety
Nancy Dagenais Comptroller
Michel Francoeur Manager, Construction
Paul Hébert Manager, Bridge finishing and Concrete
Dominique Rioux-Kouicem. B.B.A. Quality Manager
Edward Kteily, Eng. GTS Constructors (Calgary)
Gilles Labrie Manager, Purchases and Garage
Éric Léger, Eng. Manager, Appraisals
Commitment to Health and Safety

Health and Safety is a top priority at G.T.S. We are committed to upholding these performance criteria for the company and its personnel through a global strategy that includes:

  • Eliminating or controlling risks at the source;
  • Complying with all laws and regulations;
  • Providing continuous training;
  • Consulting and ensuring the participation of personnel.

Our integrated management system and health and safety strategy aim to develop a company-wide policy established by management and the prevention team. This step is followed by the continuous promotion of the policy and its implementation by personnel and site teams. The presence of a permanent team that includes prevention officers and certified training officers indicates our willingness to take positive action. A healthy and safe work environment is a global concern that involves management, subsidiaries, subcontractors, suppliers and employees. All parties must act in accordance with policies, guidelines and procedures established by G.T.S. This commitment has resulted in a CSST contribution rate that is lower than the provincial Industry average.

Quality commitment

GTS is a construction industry leader, and to ensure exceptional outcomes, the company has set the following goals which speak volume about its commitment to quality:

• to carry out its activities according to contract requirements and set timeframes;
• to apply cost control methods;
• to measure and analyze quality system processes on a continuous basis;
• to quickly identify any case of non-compliance and to take corrective measures to ensure that they do not reoccur;
• to maintain properly trained staff to carry out the work which it is mandated to do.

GTS is committed to developing, applying and maintaining a documented quality management system compliant with ISO 9001 international standard requirements and to ensure that its quality policy is understood and applied at all levels of the organization.